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Rockford FC adds Retool as 2021 sponsor

ROCKFORD (February 19, 2021) Rockford FC and Retool of Rockford have come to an agreement on a sponsorship for the club's inaugural season.

Retool will be featured on the lower back of RFC's home and away jerseys in 2021.

"I am very excited to begin my sponsorship with the Rockford Football Club," said Retool owner Dave Stenberg. "After 22 years of being in business, I have found the great response I get from helping/sponsoring different groups within the city of Rockford and beyond. This opportunity, I feel, will help your team out and increase my foot traffic and sales thru the coming year. I think having my name associated with your club and my demographics it will be a great match."

"I’d like to start with a huge thanks to Dave and Retool for believing in our program," said RFC President Samir Romero. "We couldn’t be happier to know that more local businesses are believing in what we believe. I feel this partnership is going to be crucial for both parties, we will do our best to encourage all of our players and associates to continue to support local businesses like Retool, and we will proudly wear their logo our jersey. It is very satisfying to see how little by little the city and its local companies are seeing what we see in this project, and that we will ensure prosperity for both Retool and the rest of our community."

If you need tools for your next project, visit Retool's website.


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