ISC at MercyHealth Sportscore 2 (8800 E Riverside, Loves Park, IL 61111)


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December 28th at 7 pm
January 13th at 10 pm


What league does Rockford FC play in? We play in the West Conference of the Midwest Premier League (MWPL), which is a competitive regional league featuring clubs from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Players in the league are college players, recent college players, players looking to become professional, ex-professional players, and highly skilled amateurs. The MWPL is affiliated with the professional National Independent Soccer Association (NISA), in which regional club Chicago House participates. Rockford FC also plays friendlies against other local and regional clubs, allowing players to gain additional playing time.


What are the age limits? All players 16 and up are eligible to play, but athletes under the age of 18 need to have the proper waivers signed by a parent/guardian.

What is the time commitment? Rockford FC practices twice to three times a week, with two of the sessions being field and another being in the gym. You are expected to attend training sessions in order to be eligible to play in the next match.

Where we we play? RFC plays most of our matches at Auburn High School, which features a turf field, stands, and lights for night games.

What does it cost to play for RFC? A $275 fee covers everything including kits (yours to keep), league fees, training kits, facility rentals, referee fees, and coaching etc. Athletic trainers are provided at all home and away league matches as well.

What is travel like? Travel will be limited to the Midwest during the regular season and will depend on our opponents. The club may provide some transportation but in general players carpool or drive themselves.

When does the season run? Preseason will start in late April with games starting in May and ending in July. For players in college, we will accommodate you not being available until after you are finished with the school year.

Does it affect my college eligibility? No, you will remain NCAA eligible, but please coordinate with your coaches and athletic director to ensure.


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