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Midwest Premier League, Rockford FC partnering with NISA

CHICAGO (September 3, 2020) The Midwest Premier League and Rockford FC continue to build for the inaugural 2021 season and, on Thursday, the league announced a new partnership with the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA).

“Rockford FC is excited for the chance to offer our players and fans a chance at a tournament against top professional and semi-professional clubs in the coming years,” said Rockford FC President Samir Romero. “Not only does this strengthen our league, but as a club looking to develop our local talent, this agreement will bring us closer to NISA and help us offer our players a chance to be scouted by professional clubs.”

"We consistently talk about NISA being ‘a home for clubs’ to grow,” says NISA Executive Vice President of Expansion Josh Prutch. "We are coming together with a shared vision of advancement and growth for players and clubs based on performance on the pitch.”

As part of the partnership, NISA will allot MWPL at least two merit-based spots in the annual NISA Independent Cup tournament. MWPL also will be an active participant on the NISA Alliance Board which manages the interconnectedness of the growing number of affiliates.

“This relationship provides our nascent league a great foundation for growing the game at the grassroots level,” says MWPL Commissioner Andy Hayes. “Our commitment to the clubs centers on sustainability through high-level competition, participation in regional and national cup competitions, and sharing of ideas and best practices.”

"This is another big step for independent soccer as we create the foundation for a true open system in this country," says NISA Commissioner John Prutch. "We want independent clubs to have a larger, more unified voice in the future of soccer in this country. Along the way, we are bringing increasingly competitive soccer to every market in the U.S."

About NISA

The National Independent Soccer Association was founded in 2017 with a mission to bring professional soccer to every city in the United States. A pro league member of U.S. Soccer, NISA focuses on a model based on meritocracy, independent clubs controlling their own league, clubs owning their intellectual property, all without the barrier of territorial rights. Playing under the U.S. Soccer Federation, the NISA Fall 2020 season and Championship Tournament runs August 8th - October 2nd. NISA also runs the mid-summer Independent Cup, open to independent professional and amateur clubs alike. For more information about NISA visit or contact at Follow NISA on Twitter @NISALeagueand on Instagram @nisasoccer.


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